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TEKA parquet is robust yet friendly to the environment. Natural Product, Health Living and Timeless – never out of fashion.

  • Wide range of Collection
  • Wide range of wood species

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Discover stylish and highly practical floor solutions in the luxurious range of wood and stone effect vinyl tile.

  • Karndean Design Home Flooring
  • Karndean Design Commercial Flooring

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Discover Beautiful, High Quality and Easy Installation three layer wooden floors.

  • Solid wood flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring

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One of the largest manufacturers of Rift and quartered lumbered specialized in super wide and long planks

  • Solid wood flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring

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The true handcrafted wood floors. Featuring unique finishes such as handscraped, distressed, smoked , colour washing, fire treatment, filled cracks, plugs, etc…..

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Pergo invented laminate flooring more than three decades ago with an idea about creating beautiful floors durable enough to handle the real challenges of everyday life and still look great after years of use. These ideas remain the foundation, from new breakthroughs in laminate Floors for your real, everyday life.

  1. Superior wear and scratch resistance layer
  2. Crystal clear decor
  3. Excellent impact resistance
  4. Moisture resistant HDF core
  5. Back stabiliserlayer


Creative design, decors and textures

Available in different designs and textures, Pergo’s wide selection of Laminate floors offers something for every taste.

Highly Durable

Pergo Laminate floor will stand up to small accidents, pets, children, etc.. The secret lies in our product build up featuring patented TitanX™ surface, all backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Three Quality Levels

All Pergo laminate floors are now available in three different quality levels. Just pick the decor you like, and the durability level you need!

Easy Installations

Pergo Laminate offers extremely easy installation, as well as low maintenance and effortless cleaning for long-lasting beauty.

Certified products

Pergo laminate flooring is a PEFC certified good environmental choice made from renewable resources.

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Par-ky is a veneer flooring with a thin top layer of real wood, distinguishing it from laminate floors, which use imitation prints. With Par-ky, you actually see and feel real wood. That is exactly what makes the difference in your home, office or shop. Just like a fingerprint, no two trees are identical. Each veneer flooring is unique, just like you

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A passion for wood and laminate, for flooring

Lamett has grown into the undisputed trendsetter in parquet and laminate flooring. Our constant drive for innovation has also made us one of the most progressive players in the market. Our parquet and laminate floors transform your house or apartment into a trendy and atmospheric environment. Parquet and laminate from Lamett always stand for elegance, style and innovation. A person who chooses wooden flooring or laminate parquet also automatically chooses a genuine, cosy home where the cosiness of wood dominates.

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Junckers solid wooden floors are made to last and look beautiful through years of daily use. This is the reason they bear all the hallmarks of exceptional craftsmanship, employing unique manufacturing techniques synonymous only with Junckers.

Well-designed not only from an aesthetic point-of-view, the product is constantly evaluated to produce the best flooring solution. Only in this way can we meet the varying demands of today's building projects.

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Unique Collections for Hardwood and Engineered Flooring for Residential , Commercial and Sports

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Hardwood floors provide warmth and magnificence to your home. Hardwood floors add great value to home, easy care and cleaning, great style coupled with durability and as always, they're natural and safe for the environment. Give your room a makeover with CanQuest Hardwood floors!

Hardwood floor is made from a single piece of air dried or kin dried timber, swan into 18mm to 20mm thick planks Available in a variety of colours, a solid hardwood floor can complement any style of home or decor and will prove to be an investment of lasting value.

It's hard to beat the natural beauty, warmth and durability of a hardwood floor. The experience of a shopping trip that more enjoyable for your clients. CanQuest provides solutions that will fit perfectly into the design and style of your store. With a wide range of colours, dimensions, patterns and accessories, you can create a truly personalised and individual look for your store design.

Canquest provides the perfect hardwood floors matching your original style and unique taste.

Hardwood floors are designed and manufactured to meet high quality standards and to withstand all the demands of customers.

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Tavolini Floors parquet is not just a trick of a fashion, it is a high art,culture, beauty and design which could not be influenced by time. The parquet collections combine sophistication of the past and fashion ofthe present days, we can find here a reflection of the most world’sdesign progressive and advanced tendencies. Tavolini Floors Parquet had already become a sign of taste and status, this parquet has its uniqueface, history, sense, it is charged by energy of the masters’ hands. Production of Tavolini Floors parquet is a complicated work which could becompared to the jeweler’s work. One of the most important thing is thatour product is hand-made. Parquet collections reflect the besttraditions of Italian design, this brings our intuition to choose the Tavolini Floors brand because it bears a code of beauty, style, culture, exclusivity and quality.

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Exterpark decking is known for its contemporary outdoor flooring. Exterpark products will surprise you with unique and incomparable features of texture, colour, shades,patterns and grains.


Universal Flooring is a brand of Unilin Flooring, a leading international player in the flooring business. As a producer of engineered parquet, Universal Flooring has over 40 years of experience in the wood and wood processing industry.

    Universal Flooring provides:
  • Extensive range
  • Universal Flooring offers wide range of high quality products, manufactured from the world’s finest selection of classic and exotic wood species. This extensive range of parquet products is designed to fit individual styles and preferences.
  • High quality products
  • Universal Flooring produce multilayer parquet
  • Focus on innovation
  • Easy installation
  • High Speed Installation
  • Reinstallation possible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Certified Product
  • Universal Flooring offers FSC and PEFC certified products, recycles the logged trees and uses them for the multilayer parquet.

Universal Flooring produce engineered parquet, comprising three different layers of wood, joined in a multilayer construction.

1. Surface: 7 layers of lacquer or multiple layers of oil
2. Top layer of +/- 3 mm or 2.5 mm for Dali-collection
3. Middle layer: consisting of 90 degree cross laid solid hevea hardwood rib or stable HDF (high density fibre board) for the Dali and Mondrian – Dutch Pattern collection.
4. Bottom layer: veneer, made from spruce or pine

Benefits of Engineered Parquet
STABLE : The three layers, in cross ply to each other, reduce the natural movement within the wood.

DURABLE : The face layer of multilayer parquet can be resanded like solid wood

Maintaining engineered parquet floor is very easy: simply sweep, dry mop or vacuum on a regular basis. If necessary, the floor can be cleaned with a slightly damp mop. A floor from Universal will last for years and years with the proper care and maintenance. Universal Flooring offers a superior warranty to protect your parquet flooring throughout its long life.

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To ensure the quality of life it’s necessary to have the most detailed information about client requests. Practicality and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

In order not to run the fashion trends, but setting them we must also subtly capture and reveal the direction of clients needs. In the future only in this way we can build our activity on innovations that meet the needs. The fact that the company’s innovation engine works at full strength, is being evidenced by our innovative developments of recent years.

Tavolini parquet brand — it is not only long-term experience and high quality products, but also the many innovative solutions that make the laying, maintenance and use of our floors easier and more comfortable.


«LehoFloors» — is an innovative idea of hardwood floor coverings. It’s a set of solid oak parquet boards and solid herringbone (chevron) planks with the different lengths and colors, which combination allows to create an individual artistic patterns on the floor.


For the dealer’s and customer’s convenience we have composed 119 interesting schemes (patterns), which are demonstrated in «LehoFloors» catalogs. You can also create your own pattern!


There are 21 available decors&colors, so in each pattern you can combine 2, 3 or even more colors of wood, making an individual, unique floor covering.

  119 schemes with a different color combination of planks allow to create about 23 000 designs of hardwood floor.

Wood Carpets

The patterns of these unique artistic parquet floors replicate a real Eastern Carpets of 7 the most recognizable Weaving schools in the World.

Some of those Carpets are the historical heritage of Eastern people, their original copies are kept in museums and elite private collections around the world.

Wood Carpets are made from different wood species and can be manufactured under individual sizes with maximum preservation of the proportions and pattern of the Original Carpet.


Tavolini Floors represents unique artistic hardwood floors, inlaid with translucent stones and amber with installed backlights and musical accompaniment. Custom product.